DNA and RNA Diagnostic

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TMs is proud to be your ally against COVID-19. With fixed laboratories and assembly of mobile units in record time, TMs is able to carry out mass tests with a proven minimum accuracy of 99.6%. We are expanding our family to serve yours. (Change by this text).



TMs products use technology applied to science in order to find solutions to democratize access to quality healthcare

Molecular Testing

The Molecular Test detects the genetic material of the SARS-COV-2 virus in a sample collected from the airways using a technique that allows execution in small and easy-to-handle equipment


Fulfilling our social role, we entered into partnerships with major multinational brands and sponsored over 100,000 tests throughout Brazil


To perform the RT-PCR it is not necessary to have a medical requisition. Just contact us and go to one of our units or request home collection. For more information contact us by clicking here.

The test result will be available to the patient within 48 hours. In case of urgency, the patient can request the need for a faster result.

RT-PCR detects the virus in the first moments of infection. The rapid test can only be performed two weeks after the first symptoms, and is not effective for detection in the early stage of the disease.

RT-PCR is considered the Gold Standard because it is the best diagnostic test for COVID-19.



Controllab certifies our laboratories. The seal evaluates the precision of our analyses, promoting the safety that health needs.

Gold Standard

Our RT-PCR test has the Gold Standard certificate to provide high specificity rates for the diagnoses.

USP Ribeirão Preto

TMs have partnership with University of São Paulo (USP) in research and development of new exams and quality control.


Lacen certifies our laboratories in excellence in diagnostic quality.

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TMs is strategically located in different Brazilian states, in addition to offering customized solutions to serve the entire country.

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